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  • ERC Case No. 2018-006 RM

    ERC Case No. 2018-006 RM In the Matter of Petition for the Adoption of the Proposed Rules to Allow the Pass-through of Real Property Tax (RPT). For more information please follow the link below:  

  • Notice of Public Hearing - ERC Case No. 2018-105RC

    Notice of Public Hearing dated December 10, 2018, issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission in ERC Case No. 2018-105RC [In the Matter of the Application for the Approval of the Market Fees for the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM)]  For more information about this follow this link:    


Understanding the Electric Rate Charges

The segregation of the different components of the final electricity bill into service components such as generation, transmission and distribution. (As mandated in R.A. 9316 otherwise known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA).

All rates and charges are being approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) through the Rules for Setting the Electric Cooperatives Wheeling Rates (RSEC-WR). 

Implements pass-on charges for the supply of power. Payment will go to the National Power Corporation (NGCP).

Generation Charge – (Pass-On) payment for the power purchased from Napocor.

Benefit to Host Communities – (Pass-On) payment to communities hosting the power plants. 

Fuel Purchased Cost Adjustment (FPCA) – (Pass-On) manner of payment to recover expenses due to the increase of oil prices (GenCo).

Incremental Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (ICERA) – (Pass-On) manner of payment to recover other additional expenses due to the increase of dollar-peso exchange rates. (GenCo)  


Implements pass-on charges for the transmission and delivery of power.

Transmission Charge – (Pass-On) payment for the transmission / delivery of power from the generating plants to the substations of the distribution utilities. 

System Loss – (Pass-On) payment for the power wasted due to technical and non-technical loss as mandated in RA 9136 but will not exceed to 14%. (GENCO & NGCP)

ANTECO implements charges for the delivery of power to the consumers.

Distribution Charge - payment for the operation & maintenance of the Coop’s distribution lines.

Supply Charge –payment for the Coop’s services to the consumers such as billing, collection assistance and the like.

Metering Charge – payment for the reading, operation & maintenance of kWh meters. 

Charge collected for the standard debts and stranded contract cost of NPC. At present, there are only two (2) government / universal charges passed on to members out of the six (6).

1. Missionary Electrification – (Pass-On) fund to be used for the electrification of barangays and as a subsidy to islands having high electricity rates.

2. Environmental Charge – (Pass-On) fund to be utilized in the protection of the environment within the source of power supply (e.g. water shed).

Lifeline Rate:

DISCOUNT – if consumption is 20 kWh and below: 

= 7% for 1-15 kWh

= 5% for 16-20 kWh 

CHARGE – if consumption is 21 kWh and above

Power Act Reduction – discount given since the EPIRA mandate.

Power Cost Adjustment – adjustment due to the excess payment to GenCo.



For the Information of Member-Consumer

Refer to your Statement of Accounts for scheduled Due Date and Disconnection Date. Exactly nine (9) days upon receipt of bill, disconnection of power shall be executed.
  1. Disconnection will be only until 3:00 PM.  There will be no disconnection during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  2. Sick member that needs life support system
  3. Interment
  4. Absence of the member (for cases of pilferage only)

Reconnection Fee: Php 67.20

Temporary or Permanent Disconnection: Php 67.20


  1. Attend Pre-Membership Seminar (PMES) every first (1st) Friday of the month at 9:00 A.M.
  2. Find Authorized Electrician to estimate and install the house wiring materials (Look for ANTECO List of Authorized Electrician).


  1. Electrical Permit
  2. Electrical Sketch/Plan
  3. Final Electrical Inspection Certificate
  4. Installation Clearance (BFP)
  5. Membership Fee
  6. Energy Deposit
  7. Pre-Membership Seminar (PMES)
  8. LGU Requirements:

a. Barangay Certificate
b. Proof of Ownership (Tax Declaration or Land Title or Deed of Sale or Brgy. Certificate)
c. Photocopy of Cedula and Valid ID. (ex. SSS, Driver's License, etc.)
d. Building Permit